Text Box:        Search intends to build innovative company for discovery of novel anticancer and anti-infective drugs, enzymes ,nutrition ,personal care and other industrially important products from marine microorganisms.
       The company recognizes that marine actinomycetes are untapped source of novel commercially important products.
        Search is specialized in isolation of a new and rare marine actinomycetes from diverse  marine environments. Search uses its knowledge and experience in fermenting the diverse marine actinomycetes isolates and allowing them to synthesize the novel chemical compounds.
       Multiple high throughput screening assays will be used to discover novel lead compounds from microbial extracts.
        Search platform is a combination of expertise of marine actinomycetes isolation, fermentation of diverse and novel marine actinomycetes, natural product chemistry and high throughput screening for identifying novel broad range compounds of industrial importance as antibiotics, anticancer drugs, enzymes and products for the food and cosmetic industry.